Thursday, June 24, 2010

need some prayers

2 weeks ago (on a Saturday evening), I volunteered through my church with special ed children. It was a one time deal. It was a lot of fun. The following Monday, I got an email from the leader of the group asking if I would be interested in coming on as a permanent volunteer with them. I thought about it over several days and decided to do it. I filled out the extensive background check and application for working with children. a week passes and I hear nothing. yesterday, I got an email saying that they were starting the process of processing my app and background check, and that it would be up to 7 business days before I heard back from them. They called all of my references yesterday. I got a phone call today asking me if I could interview with the youth Pastor this Sunday. This is the final step in taking on this role in my church. So please, keep me in your thoughts if you don't mind.