Friday, July 19, 2013

surgery update

Here we go. Today was my final surgeon appt before surgery in 3 weeks.

When I last saw my surgeon he was going to spend time reviewing my scans/ by one. This is because I have had pre-cancer polyps removed during my colonoscopy for 2 years in a row. His fear was that I may need part or all of my colon removed during surgery.

Today he did say that he thinks my colon is fine. He will check it out during surgery just to make sure.

I have had some complications recently that made the surgeon and I discuss moving my surgery up. These complications include randomly vomiting and partial obstructions. I had a partial obstruction while at work a few days ago. I needed to be laying on my left side with a heat compress....instead I sat at my desk and breathed through it before vomiting. It's not fun nor easy to deal with. and it can be extremely dangerous.

My surgeon and I made an agreement that I will think about it over the weekend and call him Monday if I would like to move my surgery up until next week.

I would really like to keep my original surgery date of August 9th if possible. I don't want to screw work over and I have some personal things that I would like to take care of.

I am now asking for your prayers. We need all that we can get right now.