Wednesday, June 1, 2016

updates and pictures

It’s been a while since I have posted an update here.

We have had a lot going on.

In November 2015, we attended an Alexion aHUS luncheon in Dallas, TX.

In December 2015, I spoke at an aHUS meet-up in Phoenix. I shared my story with aHUS and represented The Atypical HUS Foundation. After the meet-up, Ben and I stayed in Phoenix for a few days to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. It was a great time!

The holidays were a bit sad this year without Grandma LaVerne there. It’s always hard to have those first holidays, birthdays, events...after the loss of someone you love.

In February, Mom and I made a quick weekend road trip to Louisiana to see family. It was so good to see them. Can't wait to go back!

In March, Ben got a new car!

In April, we traveled to South Dakota for Ben's cousins, Josh and Sherry's wedding reception.

In April, I spoke at a Carter Bloodcare event in Mesquite, TX at he Resistol Arena. This was by far the biggest crowd I have ever spoken in front of. It was very emotional for me. I was able to share my story with aHUS and thank the many donors that possibly helped to save my life. This event was for the top donors in 2015.

The weekend of May 20th, I traveled to Orlando, FL for an aHUS meet up. I shared my story and represented The Atypical HUS Foundation at this event. Orlando is BEAUTIFUL and the atmosphere is so happy there!!!

Hotel pool

Hotel pool

Hotel lobby from the floor I was on

Talking parrot in the hotel lobby

View from my hotel room

This weekend (June 3-6) is the very first conference that The Atypical HUS Foundation is putting on. It is in Nashville, TN. Ben and I will fly in on Friday, and meet up with my Dad. I’m so happy that my Dad is able to join us for this one! And, I can’t wait to meet some of the aHUS’ers that I haven’t met before.

Next weekend, (June 10-12) I am flying to Pittsburgh, PA to share my story and again, represent The Atypical HUS Foundation at a meet-up.

I am so honored that I have been given these opportunities to share my aHUS story and represent The Atypical HUS Foundation. It’s wonderful to meet other aHUS’ers and know that we aren’t alone.