Friday, July 31, 2009

Update on Grandpa from 7/29/09

Just a note to say that Dad is doing really well this week. He has regained strength and energy a little bit, and is able to enjoy his food and beer again. Also, the tumor has noticably shrunken. It is at least 1/3 smaller than 3 weeks ago. Praise the Lord! We go back to the oncologist on Monday 8/3 to see what he thinks should be the next course of action. I will update more then. Dad is enjoying talking to all of you all when you call. Thanks so much! Rhon

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grandpa update - 19Jul09 10:13pm

Grandpa slept from 7pm Friday night until 8am this morning. The doctor said that the chemo is starting to exhaust him and bring on the side effects, as well as, making his white blood cell count drop. He is starting to get sores in his mouth and have lots of pain in the tumor area on his neck. I stayed with him on Friday and Saturday night, but he is alone tonight. please call him when you can. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's updates on Grandpa

from Amber at 9:00am

Well, I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening with Grandpa. His withdraws (from nicotine and alcohol) were pretty bad yesterday, but they gave him something last night to help with that and he seemed OK. I will call him shortly to check on him this morning. I know that Mom has talked to both him and the nurses this morning, so she will give a quick update when she can.

Please feel free to call him. 817-960-3218. It makes him happy to have someone to talk to and to know that everyone is thinking/praying for him.
Keep Praying!!!!

From Rhonda (mom) at 9:50am

I talked to Dad this morning. He had a kinda rough night, with pain in the tumor site, and with an IV issue. The nurses were able to knock the pain down with pain meds, and then they had to move his IV from the left to the right arm. He said he is more comfortable now. The nurses were all busy every time that I called, so I am gonna just wait and talk to them when I get to the hospital about 1 this afternoon. He so totally enjoys the visits and calls, please keep them coming! xox Rhon

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update on Grandpa

Just talked with mom (Rhonda), Grandpa (Chet) is in the hospital room now. They are doing blood work and then they are going to start the chemo since it is a 5 day drip. Keep him in your prayers please!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grandpa, part 2

Grandpa has been diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer with METS. He has decided to undergo 1 round of "3 cocktail" chemo to see if he can handle it. He will be hospitalized during this time. Please please keep him and our entire family in your prayers.