Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting to know me.....

Who was your favorite celebrity as a child?
probably Candace Cameron (she played on Full House) or Punky Brewster

What type of pets do you have?

currently, we have none. I keep hoping for one, but probably won't happen until we have a yard.

What is your favorite color?
blues, greens, purples

What is most memorable about your high school years?

What word describes you best?

What is your greatest accomplishment?
um, going through a hellatious (sp?) few years with my divorce, some legal stuff, and major debt. I completely pulled myself out while my parents let me stay in their home for 3 years. When I moved out, I bought a brand new car in cash, all new furniture, and many other things. It was my fresh start and I did it!

What drives you every day?
my family (although some days they drive me batshit crazy as well. lol)

What is your favorite food?

Where do you want to retire?
not really sure. in the country, that's all I know.

What is your business goal this year?
to get donations for the ALS walk, more than last year and move forward to prepare for next year.

Where do you like to vacation?
somewhere where I can relax and read

Who do you admire?
I admire a lot of people. It's the ones that go unnoticed mainly that I admire. Ex: those that survive or go through a horrific disease; or doctors; etc

What is your mission?
my mission is to help people

If you were invisible, where would you go?
to sleep

What traits in others are you attracted to?
I am pretty outgoing. I like to help people. very sympathetic. able to listen.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?
hmmm. I will have to think on that one.

How do you want to be remembered?
as a God loving woman, a great mom (someday) and wife (again someday), someone who does what they can to help others

What would you do with a million dollars?
go on a vacation, buy a house, start back at school

If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why?
I think that I would want to be with Ben. He and I are good together. We have our own "island", it's called our apartment. haha.

You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what is it about?
hmmm. not giving into peer pressure. to be your own person, not a follower.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So What.....

It's that time again, time for so what Wednesday. Don't forget to link up with Shannon to do so what Wednesday!

So here we go!

So what:

if I have had a wonderful stressfree week or two without talking to certain people.

if I am preferring my life that way.

if Ben and I are watching a ton of movies lately for free on Blockbuster Express.

if I watched Matthew McHottie on The Lincoln Lawyer last night and decided I needed to find him and marry him. (forget about that wife and family he has, lol, just kidding).

if we are going out of town with family and friends this weekend.

if I need to run by the "beverage" store tonight.

if I need to make cupcakes and frost them tomorrow night.

if I am so excited about next Friday (my birthday for those that don't know) and the date that I have with my 3 year old nephew at the movies

So, link up and join Shannon for so what Wednesday!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My weekend recap.

I felt like this past weekend was super busy and I didn't have time to relax. I am exhausted today. haha.

Friday after work, I went to get my hair cut and colored. I got a totally new style and color/high light combo. I love it. Just a little shout out, check out William Edge Salon. They are amazing!!!!

Saturday, I got up early. Got a pedicure, then went to Target to see what kind of summer sales they were having. I got some decent stuff for pretty cheap. I love Target.

I came home and unloaded the car, then Ben and I headed to Aldi for a little grocery shopping.

We came home, grabbed a quick snack, then headed over to Kristin's apt. We met Rebecca and Mike there too, then headed to the Vigilantes game!!!! It was so much fun. Who knew arena football could be so fun? lol

Sunday, we went to Church. Then we headed to my Mom and David's house to catch up and hang out. It was a good time.

Last night, I cooked a pork loin with cranberry sauce. I used Pioneer Woman's recipe. I swear, everything that I have cooked of hers has turned out amazing!!!

So that was our busy weekend.
This weekend is looking to be a little more relaxing, as we will be heading to Turner Falls, OK with some family and friends.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today is the one year anniversary of when Ben and I started dating.

Ben is the man I have always dreamed of. He is a Godly man, he is caring, he is compassionate, he is 100% the love of my life, and my rock. I can't imagine him not being in my life forever.

So, with that.....

Happy Anniversary Ben! I love you more everyday!