Thursday, January 6, 2011

This baby needs some major prayers right now!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We are down to less than 2 weeks until our big move. I am so not prepared for this and a bit nervous. (eek!)

So far, I have signed the required docs for the apartments, sent them my pay stubs, sent them the new account numbers for electric and gas, and also set up for Renter's insurance and the change of address for my car insurance.

Speaking of insurance, my car insurance is going up $35 a month due to our move. I am not happy about that. I am very tired of paying over $150/month for full coverage insurance. Hopefully soon, the nightmare (DWI) will fall off my record and my rate will drop some.

I think the worst part of moving has to be the packing. I honestly haven't started yet. Not only do we have to pack one place, but we have two. EEK! This weekend, I will be doing some MAJOR packing. Anyone want to help?

I need to go get boxes as well. Not fun.

Also, I have to start cleaning the old apartment so I don't have to go back much or at all once the move is made on the 15th.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!!!!!

These are my 2011 Resolutions/Goals for myself:

.finish the insprirational/Christian books that I have started and put down in 2010.

.Start and finish more inspirational/Christian books.

.work/study hard on the lessons for Bible Study for the Spring semester.

.read/learn daily from my new chronological Bible.

.build a stronger relationship with God.

.build a stronger relationship with my boyfriend, Ben.

.build a stronger relationship with my family.

.stop wasting time with people that I "think" are my friends.

.save more money.

.volunteer more with the Children's Ministry at Church.

.work even harder and volunteer more with ALS and the Walk to Defeat ALS!.