Friday, September 19, 2008


On Sunday, Jeannie and Declin came over to see my new place. I set up the pack and play so Declin could have a nap. Taking that thing down was a bitch. Maybe I should hold off having kids until I can work their accessories properly. lol

Monday and Tuesday were pretty uneventful. Tuesday evening, the cable guy came back out to fix the signal to the box. I have cable again!!!! YAY!

Wednesday was dinner with my man.

Thursday was girls night out at Dukes Bedford with Lydia, Amber Lee, Kate, Leah, Jeannie, and Heather joined us for a bit too. It was a great time. Around 11ish, Jeannie and I headed out to Cowboys Red River to meet up with Ozzy for our friend Jody's going away party. Wow......I think I got a little out of control with the drinking. Ozzy ended up driving my car to my apartment and leaving his car at the bar. His car was broken into over night. I feel completely terrible about it. Not much was really stolen, but the window was broken. :(

Friday evening was supposed to be another night out, with Shelby and Lydia at Texas Bar and Grill in Las Colinas. I decided that I can not possibly drink again I will be heading home after work to veg out on my couch.

Lots of big events coming up in the next few weeks. Exciting stuff.

My dad will be flying in tomorrow from Kentucky for 9 days. I can't freaking wait!

Declin's first birthday is on Wednesday the 24th. I can not believe he is turning one already.

Thursday the 25th of April King's birthday, Friday the 26th is her birthday party at Dragonfly in Hotel Zsa Zsa.

Saturday the 27th is the day of Declin's birthday party. YAY!!!!!

My dad will be flying back home on the 28th. :(

The next weekend, Oct 3 - 5, I will be going to Shreveport with Nicki. It's been a while since we have gone and I can not wait.

Lots of fun stuff!

That is all I have for now.......Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!
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