Sunday, October 12, 2008

overwhelmed? sometimes

This past week has been nuts.....

Thursday (10/02) - went to Flips in Grapevine with Ozzy and a few of his co-workers.

Saturday (10/04) - Was Vitali's first birthday party!!!!

Sunday (10/05) - Chris and Valerie's wedding and reception. Then to Malone's in Ft Worth for a little after party.

Monday (10/06) - watched Monday Night Football at Logan's in Addison with Nicki and Ozzy.

Wednesday (10/07) - went to Ben and Jeannie's after work to spend some time with my precious nephew Declin.

Thursday (10/09) - went to Logan's again to meet up with Nicki, Ozzy, and Al. Ended up hanging out with Ron, Roland, Lindsay, and Haley as well. Great time!!!!

Saturday (10/11) - hanging out and pedicure with mom. over to hang out with Jeannie and Declin. This is the time that Declin has decided my name is "Puppy". WTF?!?!? Yeah, he will argue it too. Good thing he is so damn cute. HAHAHA! That evening was Stephanie Carrillo's 30th birthday party at her house.

and that leaves me at today. I am cleaning and going crazy trying to make lists of what needs to be done through out the week.

Tonight, I think I am meeting Daniel for a few drinks and maybe dinner or something. Haven't seen him in forever....and let's face it, sometimes we need that friendship of someone that knows us so well and can give us the advice we need. I love my Daniel. lol. Even if he is brutually honest sometimes.

This week is sure to be busy too......Living close to Nicki might possibly be the death of both of our livers. It has been a long time coming, but this next year.....could possibly be the breaking point. LMFAO!

This Friday (Oct 17) is the prep work and cooking/baking for the "Girl's Only Party" I am having. Saturday is the ALS walk at 8:30am and then home to prep and get ready for the party that evening. I can't wait to hang out with all of my girls. I am sad about the ones that can't make it, and we will have a drink or 10 for you. lol.

Last and certainly not least, I would like to request that everyone send some thoughts and prayers up for the Chrystie family. Casey Chrystie isn't doing well AT ALL as his cancer has now over taken his lungs. They have him on what is called "comfort care" which basically means they are keeping him as pain-free as possible until our Leader comes to take him Home. Please pray for Casey and for his family and friends during this extremely difficult time.
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