Monday, November 29, 2010

My long Thanksgiving weekend

We were quite busy this 4-5 days off.

Wednesday night, we met some friends at Toadies for happy hour. Always fun times.

Thursday, I got up and made the corn casserole, then we went to Stephanie and Johnny's house. It was a ton of fun like always. My new niece Faith is getting so big.

Friday, we went to tour the apt we had been thinking of getting. then I made chicken spaghetti and we went to Nicki's house for a Sing Star sing off. lol

Saturday night, we went to Cowboys Arlington to see Neal McCoy with my brother, Mandy, Bo, Debbi, Chad, and Sheila. It was so much fun. I had no idea that Neal McCoy is a great entertainer. He is so funny.

Sunday was spent lounging around, doing laundry and watching Dexter. I am hooked on this show. We are trying to catch up on all the seasons. We are on Season 2 now.

How was everyone else's Thanksgiving weekend?
Lots of holidays plans coming up?
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