Thursday, May 24, 2012

Medical update/life update

Life has taken a definite spin for us this month.

Beginning the first weekend in May, I started having some pretty serious personal health issues. After seeing, my regular dr, a GI specialist, an ER visit, more GI specialist appointments, an ultrasound, and a colonoscopy later… is determined that I have Crohn’s disease. And a pretty serious case of it.

Right now, they have me taking 6 anti-inflammatory pills a day and 4 steroid pills a day to try to get everything under control and into remission.

I feel ok, but I am constantly tired and very worried/scared about the outcome of all of this and where this will take us on our journey that WE had planned. We should have known, this isn’t our journey, but it is His journey for us. I am putting all of my trust in our Lord and know that he has a plan for us.

If you guys (if anyone even still reads this blog) don’t mind, please just keep Ben and myself in your prayers. We would love to be covered in prayer during this time in our lives.

Does anyone have any experience with Crohn’s that could give me diet recommendations or any other advise. It would be greatly appreciated.
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