Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Humira side effects - week 1

I would like to use this blog as a diary of my side effects, etc.

After speaking with my GI's nurse today, I am experiencing some of the side effects associated with the Humira injections.

1. I have exhaustion at a level that I cannot even explain. If I sit too long without talking, working, occupying my brain....I could literally fall asleep wherever I am. It's like the exhaustion takes over and I can't even think straight. This is described as my immune system starting to lower and shut down, then my body goes into protection mode.

2. I am having very vivid, weird dreams when I am sleeping. The dreams will carry over from night to night and continue on. I have never had dreams like this before.

3. I am in a brain fog. I forget that I have done things, etc. Its like it completely is gone from my memory.

While these are VERY normal side effects, they keep me on my toes. I am having to learn to listen to my body more and relax (lay down, etc) when I feel like I need to. I am writing things down more so that when I don't remember, I can look back.

This is all very real and scary for me at times....and other times, I am realizing this is just a way of life for me now and that's what I need to adjust to. I am praying like no other and asking for God to guide me through this new journey of what my life is becoming.

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