Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So it occurs to me.....

I just went in to take Deb Koplen off my prayer list, because, well, she was laid to rest today. (RIP Deb, you will be missed by many, we love you) And it occured to me, do we stop praying for the ones that are no longer with us? Her memory is still here. She still holds a place in all of our hearts. Hmmmm?

So then I start pondering about what Deb is up to now that she has entered the gates of Heaven. Is she up there "being nice" or is she up there causing her normal funny Deb trouble? Is she with her loved ones that have already passed? Can she tell my Grandmother that I love her and miss her more each day (even after 11 years)? Can she deliver messages for all of us?

These things just pop in my head occasionally and I get myself all worked up thinking about them. So, what do you think?
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