Saturday, January 21, 2012

THE APPOINTMENT-midwife/birthing center

Yesterday, Ben and I had our pre-conception appointment with the midwife at the birthing center. All of this is a bit overwhelming, but we are ready for it. We talked about our family medical histories and what steps/tests we should take, etc. We learned a lot. It was a lot to take in.

Some of the suggestions that the midwife suggested to me, to prepare my body for pregnancy are:

`quit smoking. (well obviously)
`eat more protein and fiber, and less carbs.
`walk 1 hour per day.
`take the pre-natal vitamins as directed.
`take the vitamin D supplements as directed.
`drink 3 liters of water per day (this is going to be a huge one for me, as I like my Dr Pepper)
`sleep well (anyone who knows me, knows I don't sleep)
`research/read about some of the genetic testing that has been recommended due to our family medical histories.
`last but not least, get to baby making.

So obviously, I have a few major changes ahead of me. Mentally, I am trying to process all of this and make it work for me physically.

I could use some support and any helpful information, recipes, etc. from our family and friends.

We could both also use the prayers right now. For guidance, patience, strength, and love.
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