Monday, July 16, 2012

a quick update on my health

So the last few weeks and months have been really tough health-wise for me. I have been on the supplements, prednisone, and anti-inflammatory pills for a while. I think at last count, I am taking 28 pills a day. Fun times.

However, this combination or type of pills or something, isn't helping to get me in remission. So, I called my GI specialists office today and requested that they start the insurance pre-approval process for Humira.

Humira is an immuno-suppressant. With this, I will have to give myself injections. I am extremely nervous about this, but honestly, I just want to FEEL BETTER. So if that means that I have to become a hermit (work and home only) because I will have no immune system, then so be it.

I am tired of feeling like crap. (pun intended. lol)

I would like to ask that my family and friends be supportive (and patient with me) in this next step in the journey I am about to take with Crohn's disease and auto immune disorder.

I would also greatly like to ask for prayers. For my health, for my strength, for my sanity, for my marriage, for my husband, for my mom and all of my close support system.

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