Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life is too short

I went to Casey Chrystie’s Celebration of Life on Saturday. It was an eye opening experience for me…..really Casey’s whole trial with Cancer and his death have been a wake up call to me. Cancer took someone at age 24 that had totally given his life over to God. Totally. Did he achieve what he was put on this earth for in that short amount of time?

This got me thinking about my life and where I stand and my Faith in God. Do I have Faith? Have I given myself to God as I should? No, I haven’t. Do I plan on it? Absolutely.

To see the Chrystie family and their Faith at that Celebration of Life was amazing. They are mourning, yet they are celebrating the life that Casey had on this earth and now the life that Casey has with our God in Heaven. Just breath taking. I read the journal on Casey’s Caring Bridge website everyday as Gaylene and Bruce update it. Their Faith and verses and quotes sometimes are what inspires me to get through my day some days.

www.caringbridge.org and the journal is under caseychrystie.

It really is amazing. I forward the journal entries to several of my friends daily so that they can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. While some days, I cry reading the journal, I know that my Faith isn’t that strong, but I want it to be.

That leads me to what I wanted to say. Life is way too short to dwell on things, on the past, on the negativity, on drama. I am going to move forward and smile. I am going to pray. I cherish the relationships I have in my life with both my family and my friends. I am going to take more chances. I am going to move past the things and people that I know are causing harm or hurt in my life and bring on the positive ones. I am going to find my Faith in God.

With that…..Hope that everyone has a wonderful day!!!
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