Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So What.....

It's that time again, time for so what Wednesday. Don't forget to link up with Shannon to do so what Wednesday!

So here we go!

So what:

if I have had a wonderful stressfree week or two without talking to certain people.

if I am preferring my life that way.

if Ben and I are watching a ton of movies lately for free on Blockbuster Express.

if I watched Matthew McHottie on The Lincoln Lawyer last night and decided I needed to find him and marry him. (forget about that wife and family he has, lol, just kidding).

if we are going out of town with family and friends this weekend.

if I need to run by the "beverage" store tonight.

if I need to make cupcakes and frost them tomorrow night.

if I am so excited about next Friday (my birthday for those that don't know) and the date that I have with my 3 year old nephew at the movies

So, link up and join Shannon for so what Wednesday!!!
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