Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

I am linking up with East Coast Chic today for Thoughts on Thursday! This is my first time, so I hope I am doing it correctly.

My thoughts for today:

So irritated that my lab work came back badly, I can't go back to work, and there is a huge possibility that I may have to go back through installation of a central line and treatment again.
This picture is super blurry and poor quality. Sorry.

I have been cooking dinner a lot lately. I like it. Trying new recipes is fun!

I have made honey sesame chicken with rice/orzo and homemade baked sweet potato fries.

Also, Chicken with Goat Cheese Vinegarette with orzo and green beans

I am in love with my fall decorations in the house. I can't wait to make a fall wreath for the front door!

What are your Thursday Thoughts? Be sure that you link up with East Coast Chic!

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